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How to Choose the Proper Concrete Floor Coating

With hundreds of concrete floor coating, it can be difficult for you to choose the right one if you don’t know what you are looking for. When you choose the wrong coating, your concrete floor will surely suffer. You may not see problems right away but in the future, the coating might peel and come off. This problem will require you to coat your flooring all over again and spend more money on it. It is time consuming, costly and just a waste of energy. Prevention is the key to avoid this scenario and one way to do that is to keep the following tips in mind when you are out to choose concrete coating.

  • Evaluate properties of the floor – If you want to get the best coating, you first need to know what surface you are dealing with. Concrete floors have sand and gravel in them. They sometimes are responsible for cracks and unevenness. See to it that the surface is also clean and free from any bacterial growth. Applying coatings under these conditions will only cause it to peel off in the future.
  • Floor purpose - By knowing what the floor is for, you can identify the kind of coating that would best suit the job. A concrete floor in a laboratory is more prone to chemical spills than that of the basement. For this reason, you will need a coating with a better chemical resisting property. There are also impact-proof coatings. If you are planning to coat a floor that is constantly exposed to heavy loads, you should consider this instead.
  • Consider its monetary value – Don’t be tempted to buy coatings with really cheap price tags. They are often knock offs and are made of low quality chemicals. If you have the money, your safe bet is to go with those trusted brands. Although they cost more, they will give you the right quality of coating you are looking for.
  • Get help from the professionals – If you are really serious about not screwing up your concrete floor coating, you might want to get the professionals choose the coating for you. They know what goes best with your floor but their services come with a price. If you are working on a big floor project or coating an important part of your house, then you should really consider this option.

Remember that aside from the concrete floor coating itself, you should also know how to properly apply it if you want to get the best results. Applying it improperly will affect how the coating sticks to the surface. Always clean the surface thoroughly before you apply the coat. Remove the dust and other contaminants using the proper cleaning tools. Even if you already have the best coating, it will remain useless unless you figure out the important details concerning floor coatings. You should always plan ahead and do your research if you are planning to do the job yourself. You don’t have the skills and experience to do this task perfectly so it would be best to at least educate yourself regarding this matter.